We provide consulting services within change management and enterprise architecture delivered by senior professionals.

We started Till Elva (“To Eleven” in Swedish) 2019 with the aim of stunning our clients with competence, experience, commitment, fearlessness, integrity, humility, leadership, trust-building, results, and walking that extra mile every week. For every assignment, for every consultant, we must be able to say that “these go to eleven“.

Reach out to Karin Holmberg for change management, agile coaching and scrum mastery: karin.holmberg (at) tillelva.com.

Reach out to Johan Holmberg for enterprise architecture, business transformation and strategy, and interim management (CIO, architecture management, LT and board positions), as well as general company contact: johan.holmberg (at) tillelva.com, +46 768 484838

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